Difficult not to like this mobile instrument which invites to musical journey, from meditation to trance, in solo or in group.

The Rav vast is an instrument for everyone: amateurs and professionals. It sounds both indoors and outdoors. Expressive and with a great dynamic and variety of timbres, it works perfectly for OST, in acoustics, as well as sampled, granulated or reworked with effects. 

Also ideal for yoga, meditation and sound healing.

Rav Vast is a wind of freedom blowing over our confined souls. A great success!

It’s time to enjoy ! 

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Between July 1st and August 31st, 2020

A Integral

  • Mystical sound. A good choice for professionals who can choose between the major and minor modes
Our selection

B Kurd

  • Our favorite, for the beautiful sounds and its double ding
Our selection

E Low Pygmy

  • Strong vibrations, easy to play by beginners and great for experienced musicians.
Our selection

The strong points

Very good sound quality

The value for money + our reduction of -15%

Great sustain

Instrument accuracy


In all tones …



Product: Rav Vast

Distributor: Rav Labs / Shooting Star

Type: Tongue Drum

Price: from 620 € to 790 € with our discount