Video games

Video games

We pay particular attention to the interactive and adaptive nature of dynamic game audio. All of our work comes from a high level of classical training and thorough comprehension of music theory.
We are able to adhere to tight timelines.

Alice-Behind-the-Mirror-cover gourmet-chef-challenge-cover haunted-house-mysteries hidden-files-echoes-of-jfk les-miserables2-jean-valjeanx Atlantis The Lost Tales

10678_front riverworld black moon chronicles dune_europe dragon-lore-2 Atlantis-evolution

Deo-Gratias-Jeu lost-eden Dracula_4_-_The_Shadow_of_the_Dragon Dracula_5_-_The_Blood_Legacy medford-asylum statue-of-liberty-the-lost-symbol-R3915-3d-285-500

tintin-objectif-aventure Virus_It_Is_Aware_Playstation_1999_Game_Cover

Atlantis, The lost Tales

Black Moon Chronicles