Agence d’innovation sonore
Production de musiques pour l’image : Films,  Documentaires, Jeux vidéos
Contenus d’expériences audio immersives et interactives, VR, AR, son binaural

Sound innovation agency
We handle a full music supervision and productions services for
Feature Films, AAA Video Games, Documentaries, VR AR, 3D sound

Music supervision

Music supervision

We use our extensive international music industry relationship to ensure that our clients receive the best available music for their projects and can arrange recording and publishing rights for you.

video game

Video games

We pay particular attention to the interactive and adaptive nature of dynamic game audio. All of our work comes from a high level of classical training and thorough comprehension of music theory. (suite…)



We offer producers and directors the support and freedom to deliver their uncompromised creative vision. We work closely with the creative and production team to define and deliver musical direction within the financial counstraints of any musical budget. We can provide inventive budget and financial solutions.



When looking for original music to compliment your commercial, film, television series etc, trust us to deliver the best!


Our sound library offers you an excellent selection of music that prioritises acoustic instruments from all around the world as well as virtual and real orchestras.




Video game

Shooting Star handles a full music supervision and productions services for Feature Films, AAA Video Games,
Documentaries, Television, Animations, ads and apps’ projects.
We can handle : creative briefing, budgeting, booking musicians, score supervision,
synchronisation, recording studios, copyright clearance, music publishing.

Talented voices

Talented voices

We have an extensive « bank » of talented voices actors, narrators, cartoon and dubbing actors that will give you a choice to work with some of the best artists in the business. We can also take care of all the talent coordination, booking and also administer contracts and social declarations for you.

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We offer a comprehensive localization service in : French, English, Spanish, Italian and Catalan. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Our translators are chosen for their dedication, subtlety of expression, style, quality work and training. They always translate into their native language.



We provide you with a selection of potential talented actors, directors, to match your project brief. (suite…)

video game

Testing Services

We are launching solutions for companies who need game testing services. With more than 14 years of extensive experience in the gaming industry, we decided to launch a test department build on the talented people we collaborated over the years to be able to handle industry giants as well as tailored solution for more personal projects. Our goal is to keep our existing standards of quality while growing the solution for our partners.

Sound Design

Sound Identity : Communication through Sound

Let our creative, dedicated team put together the perfect sound design your project deserves. We want you to feel completely confident that the finished project represents your company, your clients and your branding. Our experienced coordinators will put together a “dream team” of sound editors, mixers, foley artists, sound effects specialists, musicians and any element specific to your directors and production needs. No matter the size or scope of your project, we are here waiting to assist you in achieving optimum, effective and attractive results!

musical expression

Musical expression

Sound branding, original soundtracks and location sound design are the musical expression of a brand, product or company, its strategy and its values.

sound identity

Sound identity

Corporate Sound identity : Design, production and implementation of a company’s sound identity : Sound logo Telephony (ringtones, hold music, voicemail messages) TV commercial, radio and website production.



Communication through sound thereby make it possible to :
Quickly identify a brand, product distinguish, it attribute a name to all its materials, create coherence in visual communications, summon and reinforce loyalty to a corporate name, convey the emotional and symbolic elements of a brand, product, give them value.



Sound Design for Museum – Exhibition :
Background music and designed atmosphere,
consulting on sonic architecture and musical design for spaces.


Audio branding

Our clients represent large and small businesses from a variety of industries who share the goal of strengthening their brand communication through the use of audio.


Shooting Star is a record label that embodies music of electronic methods, green music and humanistic aims. We encompasse enigmatic ambient and experimental music with an emphasis on textural and melodic expanses.

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Specializing in the content of immersive and interactive audio experiences for VR, AR, films, video games …

Sound creations in augmented reality: geolocated sound paths, immersive experiences, 3d audio, sound for video games, audio guides, events, hunting’s sounds, podcast, sound trips…

Audio solutions for inclusive and interactive visit experiences.


Founded in 1996, Shooting Star is a French music production and publishing company : original soundtracks for feature films, documentaries, animations, TV ads, OST for video games. Specialised in video game sound—music, sound design, localization, voice overs — in 1997 it began incorporating multimedia to create a complete communications offer using sound and interactivity distributed through new technologies: interactives sound installations, performances, generative art, script development and location sound design, sound branding, and Apps.

Shooting Star

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