Sound Identity : Communication through Sound

Let our creative, dedicated team put together the perfect sound design your project deserves. We want you to feel completely confident that the finished project represents your company, your clients and your branding. Our experienced coordinators will put together a “dream team” of sound editors, mixers, foley artists, sound effects specialists, musicians and any element specific to your directors and production needs. No matter the size or scope of your project, we are here waiting to assist you in achieving optimum, effective and attractive results!

Musical expression

Sound branding, original soundtracks and location sound design are the musical expression of a brand, product or company, its strategy and its values.

Sound identity

Corporate Sound identity:
- Design, production and implementation of a company’s sound identity :
- Sound logo Telephony (ringtones, hold music, voicemail messages)
- TV commercial.


Communication through sound thereby makes it possible to:
- Quickly identify a brand,
- Product distinguish, it attribute a name to all its materials,
- Create coherence in visual communications,
- Summon and reinforce loyalty to a corporate name,
- Convey the emotional and symbolic elements of a brand, product,
- Give them value.


Sound Design for Museum and Exhibition :
- Background music and designed atmosphere,
- Consulting on sonic architecture and
- Musical design for spaces.