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Digitalis is part of the «Flowers of Change» movement, which raises awareness of the ecological issues of our planet through art. Labeled project COP21, COP22 and Year of light 2015 by Unesco.

This installation by Pierre Esteve challenges the environmental situation and that ecology is everyone’s business. Theses Flowers made from recycled plastic bottles embody a change that is both necessary and inevitable. Flowers of Change are markers of our times, the Anthropocene. They symbolize the major ecological and societal challenges of the 21st century. Digital, sound, light, interactive, working in networks, these hybrid and mutant flowers herald the waves of disruptive mutations that humanity will experience. As our societies change at an exponential rate, disrupting our relationship with each other and nature, they ask us an essential question: in which world do we want to live?

Augmented reality/3D sound Music by Pierre Estève (Made only from plastic sounds)

Publishing: Shooting Star

The video of Biotope, a project carried out in partnership with the IMAC engineering school, and four talented super students: Florian Lequertier, Mehdi-Antoine Mahfoudi, Thibaud Carpentier and Clément Schepens. I can’t wait to move on!

The project:

Biotope is a project initiated by the composer and multimedia artist Pierre Estève that focuses on the study of the mathematics underlying nature.

Since this subject is extremely broad, the project focused initially on the real-time generation of a digital landscape using sound. First came a phase of research, both in sound analysis and algorithmics to model the living. Then, a program was created using Max MSP Jitter to analyze the incoming sound, standardize the information thus captured and transmit it to several mathematical models that display on the screen a terrain, trees that grow, etc.

Pierre Estève intends to continue this project with future IMAC teams in order to expand its capabilities and create software that can be used by any artist in interactive audiovisual shows, or immersive with microphones and other sensors.


This film was produced as part of the exhibition Digitalis, a digital installation by Pierre Estève, presented at Dr Gachet’s house from May 30 to September 6, 2015.

Multi-sensory, interactive, sound, visual, olfactory and kinetic installation. For 4 basins and an interactive swing, sounds in quadriphony, giant projection at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

A journey through the sonic, visual and olfactory world of coffee. Visitors trigger the sounds by dipping their hands into the coffee beans.

The moving swing synchronizes with the images, the film and gives the rhythm, creating a musical work in real time.

Encrusted white pebble, sensitive to public intervention by percussion games, interfering with mineral music (stones, rocks, stalactites, stalagmites…) controlled by computer and broadcast in multi-channel on 4 speakers. 

Struck, rubbed, caressed, the stone interacts with anyone who wants to play with it, ready to become in turn instrument of another age or avant-garde sound generator. 

The performer no longer plays alone: the computer reacts to musical proposals, and a dialogue spread in quadriphony is established between them. In response to this ephemeral play in the present, we may hear the echo of a melody of infinite and eternal beauty. The song of the universe…

Presentation of the installation Digitalis by Pierre Estève, les fleurs de l’anthropocène interactives, numériques, et sonores.