Atlantis Evolution

16 years after his previous foray into the Atlantis video game saga,
Pierre Estève returns to explore the musical and sound shores of this mythical universe.
Atlantis Evolution is a new musical odyssey imagined from the soundtrack of the fourth opus of the series.
During the confinement, a handful of irreducible fans motivated the composer to release this concept-album of 1h40 composed of 34 tracks.

Since June 5th, 2020, this much anticipated album is available until the end of the summer exclusively on Bandcamp, then on other streaming platforms.

The different titles have been remixed, remastered, lengthened and chained  non-stop for a retro-futuristic journey. We can of course find some of the acoustic instruments from the four corners of the world
that make the brand of this composer, such as his historical Gamelan «Parvati» of Java,
the Celtic harp Excalibur, flutes suling…, but also modular synths, pedals and vintage electronics
like the
JUNO 106, Roland super JV, TR 808, Eurorack modular synths…
as well as instruments of his manufacture such as lithophones, vegetable and natural percussions etc.

In this double album punctuated by different sounds and musical universes, complementary to chill out,  techno or 8 bit/chiptune, with the use of vintage material:
Atari ST, Commodore 64, Plogue Chipsounds, as in the title “Dream of the Frog”
will delight lovers of retrogaming.
There are also some emblematic themes with oriental sounds, titles to the tribal strength of
the first Atlantis, where the creative breath proposed by this interpretation of the myth of Plato keeps a force intact. To the heart: the myths that shaped the common history of humanity
for a resolutely contemporary version of the saga.


Atlantis Evolution available on Bandcamp : Click here