Sky Flowers

A concept album, Sky Flowers accompanies the monumental eponymous art installation by Pierre Estève.

As if in weightlessness above the visitors, hundreds of hybrid flowers made of recycled plastic bottles, dance and float in the immensity of the sky. They sparkle in the sun, casting their colored shadows on the ground. Added to this visual spectacle is a sound dimension.

For this exhibition, Pierre Estève has composed a musical album that visitors can listen to, lying under this sky of flowers.

A motionless journey to experience…


Shooting Star

Founded in 1996, Shooting Star is a French music production and publishing company for original soundtracks, feature films, documentaries, animations, TV ads, OST for video games.
Specialized in immersive and interactive audio experiences contents for VR, AR, movies, video games and interactive experiences. We are at the forefront of new creative and technological markets for audio to create the sound of tomorrow.
We create innovative music experiences such as : Audio augmented reality sound creations: geo-localised sound paths, immersive experiences, 3d audio, event audio guides, podcast, sound travels…
We also offer Mediation solutions for inclusive and interactive visitor experiences.


You can buy all our productions here.

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