Sky Flowers

Sky Flowers “Pareidolia offers a very accessible sound, fresh and groovy, the song is very fluid and easy to listen to, the melodic arrangements are dreamy but also have a small enigmatic side, they build a rather hypnotic atmosphere, the song also has a “glitchy” side which gives it a very fresh and eclectic flavor” […]

Atlantis Evolution

Atlantis Evolution LONG AWAITED ALBUM!16 years after his previous foray into the Atlantis video game saga,Pierre Estève returns to explore the musical and sound shores of this mythical universe.Atlantis Evolution is a new musical odyssey imagined from the soundtrack of the fourth opus of the series.During the confinement, a handful of irreducible fans motivated […]


Pochette de l'album Dracula par Pierre Estève, Shooting Star.

Dracula <a href=””>Dracula by Pierre Estève</a>   Pierre Estève offers us, in this new album Dracula, a personal musical vision of the dark and tragic universe of the famous vampire. This album contains incredibly intense and mesmerizing themes for a very enigmatic atmosphere where the musical writing restores the Gothic and romantic essence of places […]

Deo Gratias

Pochette de l'album Deo Gratias de Pierre Estève, Shooting Star

Deo Gratias <a href=””>Deo Gratias by Pierre Estève</a>     Composed by Pierre Esteve for the eponymous god game, Deo Gratias can be listened to as a musical journey through the spiritual quest of humanity.With hindsight, and sometimes a sense of humor, Pierre Esteve mixes the spirit of various religious movements that participated in shaping, […]

Atlantis 2

Cover of the album atlantis 2 by Pierre Estève, Shooting Star

Atlantis II <a href=””>Atlantis II by Pierre Estève</a>     After the pre-antiquity of Atlantis: The Lost Tales, Pierre Estève’s Atlantis 2 soundtrack will get you into dreamlike dimensions far through space and time. A musical odyssey in Tibet, China, Ireland, Yucatán, into the remains of Atlantis. Through the vibrations of the Celtic harp, drumming […]

Black Moon Chronicles

Cover of the album Black Moon Chronicles by Pierre Estève, Shooting Star

Black Moon Chronicles <a href=””>Black Moon Chronicles by Pierre Estève</a>   In Black Moon Chronicles, Pierre Esteve brought together a symphonic orchestra with drums and mixed choirs to render the titanic dimension of Froideval’s universe. Black Moon Chronicles is a must for all heroic fantasy amateurs. Choirs of angels and earth-rumbling drums get together to […]


Cover of the album Riverworld by Stephane Picq, Shooting Star

Lost Eden Original soundtrack from the video game Riverworld, inspired by Philip José Farmer’s novel series. Stephane Picq mixed techno-trance and ethnic rhythms, vocals and synthesizers, acoustic instruments and trip-hop atmosphere. His vision of the River’s banks reflects the multi-ethnic culture of tomorrow: a sound photography of our planet taken from a distant satellite…The […]

Lost Eden

Lost Eden In the legendary Lost Eden soundtrack, Stéphane Picq caught echos of ancient times. When earth was a lost paradise, tribals electronic climates were flown by dysphonic vocals and ethereal crystal voice. For when humans and dinosaurs lived together, samples sang the way of the world.Lost Eden includes a CD-ROM track for MAC & […]


Obscura <a href=””>Obscura by Pierre Estève</a>     Obscura is the original soundtrack from video games 2nd World and Légendes Souterraines. Pierre Esteve’s music will get you lost in the dark corners of the city of shadows. Gregorian Chants surrounded by dissonant strings, bells that will never ring again, dominated by whims of a simple […]

Dragon Lore 2

Dragon Lore 2 <a href=””>Dragon Lore II by Pierre Estève</a>   The soundtrack of Dragon Lore 2 takes you during Werner von Wallenrod’s adventures, in quest for the Dragon Knight title. Entirely composed and interpreted by Pierre Estève, the music shines here through 25 epic tracks oscillating between lyric melodies and dark choirs.Dive into the […]